Nikon D3X Digital SLR Camera

There it is, object of desire for countless cohorts of photographers out there. When it comes to the flagship products such as this one, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a Canon or Nikon fanboy. Even a hardcore Hasselblad fanatic would at least appreciate the technical thought put into this little gem. Enough theory, let’s look at the facts. For a mere £4600 you can become the owner of Nikon D3X and use it’s 24.5 megapixel FX format CMOS sensor, Multi-CAM3500FX 51-point AF system, 920k dots 3-inch VGA LCD monitor and 5 fps continuous burst. Obviously the functionality will largely depend on your collection of lenses but the potential for greatness is obviously there.

Is it worth the money? Well, of course it is. It’s a tool and given the segment of market it’s clearly aimed for there should be no doubt it will be used to earn money. Even hardcore enthusiasts would choose the less pricey Canon d5 Mark III or Nikon d800.