Nexus 10 Landing Worldwide

The latest addition to Google’s Nexus line-up is hardly a luxury priced product with UK prices starting at only £319. The new tablet’s guts however are nothing to frown upon with mouth watering resolution and speedy processor. It it a serious competition for the New iPad? Definitely so, especially considering how Apple’s zealots were disappointed after the release of updated version of the flagship tablet – same money, just much better specs.

With a dazzling 2560-by-1600 high-resolution display and powerful graphics processor, Nexus 10 places you right inside the action with picture-perfect performance.

Is what Google has to say about the experience of using the new piece of tablet goodness and I have no reason to doubt. Especially when you add the GPS and NFC functionality, there’s very little reason to pay extra for an Apple product. Google Nexus 10 is clearly a better priced alternative and a good excuse to shift mass loyalty from one brand to another. Time will show how this duel shall end but for now you can place your pre-orders on Google Play website.